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Echoes of Truth is the first volume in the epic fantasy series Cycle of Truth, Memory, and Myth. I'm currently working on the final draft. The prologue is available now in the Samples area. I hope you enjoy the ominous beginning to this exciting tale of mystery and intrigue.

My next story is planned out and ready to go. A historical-fantasy adventure set in Renaissance Italy, The Condotierre will be the first in a series of stand-alone stories set in the turbulent 15th century where ancient knowledge is being rediscovered amid the treacherous political environment that inspired Machiavelli's The Prince. What will the new knowledge bring and how will it shift the delicate balance between the Italian city states?

Thanks for stopping by. Come back soon to see how the future is developing.


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August, 16 2015

No current news, as life took precedent over writing for awhile. Hopefully, I'll have something to report in the coming months.

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While reading The Fellowship of the Ring at the age of twelve, Stuart A. Etter was told by his teacher that he should be reading shorter books. Undaunted, he finished the trilogy and promptly moved on to other novels ranging from fantasy/sci-fi to historical fiction to horror to thrillers.

Featured Preview

Prologue: The Prisoner

Damion rubbed the dull ache of age from his hands. Countless years wielding a sword had conditioned his tendons and muscles, but time had worn them down, replacing strength with chronic pain. Closing his eyes, Damion dreamed of his youth. Battle and victory marked most of his memories, but darker images tainted his successes, reminding him of his one...