Time to Stop Reading and Start Writing

Over the last few months, I’ve been reading Renaissance history and theories of alchemy until I think my eyes might pop. I now have a huge spreadsheet documenting dates with major and minor events from 1453 through 1500.

My list of historical persons who may or may never appear in this series currently numbers 114 and continues to grow. I’ve documented the lives and deaths of popes, princes, soldiers, and artists. Princesses, kings, and philosophers. Alchemists and assassins. Dukes, countesses, and cardinals. Scholars and lowly refugees.

And of course, mercenary captains. Condottieri.

It’s time to stop reading and start writing.

Over the years, I’ve read countless posts on writing forums about people who can’t stop researching. World building, they call it. Some people compile hundreds of pages documenting every minutiae of their world. The problem is: some folks never stop world building long enough to actually start writing.

It takes a strong will to step back from the entertaining reading and dreaming that goes in to planning. I know. I’m enjoying my research too much.

Right now, I have a rough outline of the first book in my new series, and I know the broad strokes of my adventurer’s life for his follow-up adventures. I’ve a list of items, relics, and semi-supernatural creatures he’ll encounter during his career as a soldier and treasure hunter. I know where he’s going. I just have to get him there.

Today, I start a new document on my computer.

Chapter 1: The Siege of Volterra

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